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Carpe Diem. Have a nice day. Grab life by the horns. Be on your game.

Nice sentiments, but they are easier said than done for someone living in chronic, unrelenting pain. When you gauge your days by how much pain you did or did not feel, it can be hard to see life as the wonderful adventure it is.

For two decades, Jack A. Chapman, MD, has dedicated himself to helping patients who live day in and day out with pain. As Dr. Chapman has watched The Woodlands grow by leaps and bounds, he's also witnessed dramatic advances in the diagnosis and treatment of back and neck pain, both acute and chronic.

"The word 'pain' means many things to many people," he explained. "But it almost always results in physical, emotional, and psychological discomfort. It can range from distracting to debilitating and can interfere with work, relationships, recreational and all around quality of life."

No one can be everything they want to be when they're hurting all the time. That's why Dr. Chapman and his team go to great lengths to acquire extensive medical history from each patient, conduct exhaustive physical exams and perform appropriate diagnostic studies.